Dyno Tuning

4.5 Inch CTS-V Intake DynographExperience

There are a lot of people and performance shops  that claim to be professional custom tuners, but many of them don’t possess the knowledge and tuning experience to back that claim up. We know this as fact as many of our customers come to us  to fix issues left behind by other so called tuners.


It is our goal to provide or customers with powerful tuning while maintaing as much stock drivability as possible. This means tuning on both the dyno and the street. Please be aware that while the custom tuners at Dynospeed Racing are very skilled, no ECU tuning can correct mechanical issues. This means that before we can properly tune a vehicle we must know that it is in proper mechanical condition.

Tuning Equipment

Dynospeed Racing’s shop is equipped with a Dynojet 248C dynamometer and we currently custom tune vehicles with the aid of HP Tuners and SCT.