Dynospeed Racing 4.5″ CTS-V Intake

Dynospeed Racing 4.5″ CTS-V Intake

We recently finished testing on our new Dynospeed Racing 4.5 inch Cadillac CTS-V Air Intake and the results even surprised us.

For testing we used Josh’s 2011 Cadillac CTS-V with the following modifications:

  • Forged LSA 6.2, Stock Block and Stock Crank
  • Trickflow 255’s Cylinder Heads
  • Ported Supercharger (102mm)
  • Stage 2 Camshaft
  • 2.5/8.6 Pulley Combo
  • American Racing 1 7/8 Headers
  • Off Road X-Pipe (Factory Axle Back)
  • Injector Dynamics 850 Injectors
  • Dynospeed Heat Exchanger
  • Jabsco Pump
  • NorCalSS Ice Box
  • Nitrous Express Nitrous Kit
  • Nitrous Express S.A.F.E. Stand Alone Fuel Cell

All testing was done on May 1, 2014 in Memphis TN. There were no changes to ignition timing and all testing done using the same tank of gasoline. The only changes made were rescaling of the MAF in relation to changes of intake size and throttle body parameters changed to match throttle body size.

We baselined Josh’s CTS-V using a Mamo ported LS7 TB and a popular 4″ intake with 12 inch filter (blue line on graphs 647/565)
Next was the Mamo ported LS7 TB and the new 4.5″ inch Dynospeed Racing intake (red line on graphs 662/601)
Finally was the NW 102 TB and the new 4.5″ Dynospeed Racing intake (green line on graphs 689/627)

4.5 Inch CTS-V Intake Dynograph

The CTS-V picked up 18HP/36TQ at the rear wheels just switching from the “popular” 4″ intake to 4.5″ Dynospeed Racing Intake with the same Mamo ported LS7 throttle body.

Since most who switch from the stock style TB to the 102 upgrade their intake at the same time, we made a graph of the Mamo ported LS7 TB with 4″ intake (blue line) vs the NW 102 with 4.5″ Dynospeed Racing intake (green line):

It picked up 42HP/62TQ at the rear wheels switching from the Mamo ported LS7 throttle body with 4″ to NW 102 with 4.5″ Dynospeed intake.

I’ll say, we’re pretty stoked about the results.